Lock Camp 2021 – Schedule

Please keep in mind the schedule during camp flows according to participants and weather. It’s meant to be a very relaxed environment. So go with the flow as we will. If you have anything to share or teach with the Lock Camp community please submit your ideas in email to: [email protected]

All sessions are included in the cost of general admission to lock camp, along with your site, food, and snaps.

Workshops are longer more in-depth classes that may or may not have a cost involved, some workshops allow for materials to be kept by the students attending some offer materials, tools, and books to be purchased otherwise. To find out more on what is available for purchase and take home always ask your instructors.

Tentative Schedule:

11/22/19 – Fri-

Check-in is available at 11am at the park office for your daily entrance fees* which are not covered by your tickets (if your not a state park pass holder.)

Activities will begin at 6p for Lock Camp proper, so if you’re not here for the workshop, setup your camp in the afternoon/evening – if you arrive before events start, take a hike, go fishing, or geocache.

Tactical Lockpicking Workshop opens for the workshop ticket holders.

6 – Lock Camp Opens to Camp Ticket Holders

7-8 Dinner

HHV will opens; lock camp badge construction available.

Opening fire – Smores and hot chocolate will be available during this time.

Fireside Chats — open time for people to share projects they are working on to share what they have learned, and perhaps where they would like more assistance there in this time will be accompanied with Smores and Hot Chocolate

11/23/19 – Sat-

8-9 Breakfast:

9:00a – TBA workshop

9:15-10 Sessions CTF starts;

Intro to Robotics 101

HHV re-opens for further work on badge projects as available,

Progressive Picking Challenge starts;

Escape Room Competition starts (by appointment)

10-11 SessionsGeocaching 101, Lockpicking 101

11-12 Sessions– Basic First Aide 101, Pickpocket 101

12-1 Lunch

1:00p Re-pinning 101 Workshop; InDepth Intro to Robotics

1-2 Sessions– Bike Packing 101

2-3 Speed Lock Picking Competition

3:30 – Caffeine break – Refuel & SnackSponsored by SAP Gear

3-4 SessionsBasic Wifi Hacking 101Salty Security

4-5 SessionsFinal round for the escape room competition (reserved time slot incase of runoff needed)

7-8 Dinner

9 – Closing Party hosted by Dj Manilla ICE

11/24/19 – Sun-

8-9 Breakfast

9-10Final time available for hike or geocache, more time is available after packout.

11Pack, clean, explore the park further, leave and we look forward to seeing you again next year

****schedule will be updated as volunteers, sponsors, etc are found to be able to offer more experiences ****