The Badge

HHV badge with the mini badges displayed lit up

HHV Blinky Badge

The conference badge and the HHV badge are two separate badges, pictured above is the badge from the HHV or Hardware Hacking Village to which you can use to track what events you have participated in, and learn the basics of soldering and de-soldering, as well PCB design if you choose to participate in the mini badges, which in time will be available from individuals as well as events.

here is an example of our basic mini badge layout

Mini Badges

Much like the Boy Scout’s merit badges, a select few mini badges can be earned through participation, but all come as a kit to encourage the end user to learn how to build the items. In time a large format mini badge display PCB may become available to that you will be able to display your collection of mini badges over the years.

Badge Daughter Boards

The first year we made available fm receivers to be used in junction with a FM modulator to create a private camp radio station. The second year we provided At-Mega-Zero boards which allowed users to build with Arduino in a format similar to the Raspberry Pi Zero. Each year we may include a different daughter board to enhance the challenge and experience in activity in the HHV.