Lock Camp

Taking Security Outside.

Dates have been chosen for Lock Camp 2020, Nov 13th-15th.

A Big Thank You to our 2019 Sponsors, without your help our event would never be the same. We hope you support us again in 2020!

  • Do you want to Sponsor the efforts of Lock Camp at our Camping experience along with monthly meetups with Bobcat & Alamo Locksport? Email us at: sponsor@lock.camp
  • Call for Sessions-Workshops are open for 2020: email your prospectus to: info@lock.camp

Early Bird Tickets for Lock Camp 2020 are now on sale https://tinyurl.com/lockcamp2020

There are 20 early bird tickets available at this time and are similar to last year a flat rate for your food, entrance to the events/sessions, and your tent campsite… if your looking for a cabin site please be aware those tickets are not available at this time but will be coming soon. for more information contact us through email at info@lock.camp


To share the great outdoors and skills of locksport in a friendly and safe environment for everyone involved. We have one rule, don’t be a jerk, if you are one, you may be asked to leave and not return to another lock camp, or any bobcat locksport sponsored event. Please treat your fellow locksporter, lock picker, hackers, makers, etc as you would want to be treated.


We will be moving Lock Camp 2020 to Mckinney Falls State Park .

tent site at mckinney state park
cabin site at mckinney state park
public bathhouse with showers at mckinney falls state park
tent sites also allow for the option of an rv for more flexibility at mckinney state park

Ticket sales:

  • Tickets cover cost of food, basic beverages like coffee, water, and sports drinks.
  • Early bird tickets cover your general admission and a tent site, if your interested in cabins I am sorry you will have to wait for regular tickets to become available, and new to this year we will have a general admission ticket that covers food, events/sessions, and badge/shirt. Past the general admission you will have two options for accommodations to add on to your general admission one for tent sites and one for cabins.

​Updated our Code of Conduct to add: