Call for Sessions

Call for Sessions: Open email prospectus to:

Workshop ideas:

  • ham radio basics: learning about the use and operation of ham radios
  • re-pinning locks basics: to create a community of challenge locks
  • design and fabrication basics of lock picks
  • intro workshop to lock picking
  • slight of hand workshop, basics and methodology
  • intro to android reverse engineering
  • camp fire cooking, basic camping skills
  • edc design and construction (could be as simple as an altoid can edc workshop)
  • silent disco, operating and curating the content, (hw will be available for this, as we already have a powered fm antenna with mast for short range transmission of a ‘camp radio station’ via raspberry pi and a fm modulator, to be paired with the fm receiver daughter boards we used last year, and some kits will still be available for those interested.

if you want to lead a session please also include a graphic you would like for the associated mini-badge.

If you have something you would like to share email us at: