The Badge

The badge for lock camp has mini badges that were inspired by the efforts of several genius builders in utah which bring new fun to mini-badges every year at Saintcon. Many thanks to DC801 for showing me this fun design and getting me interested in pcbdesign again after so many long years. -c00p3r

The badge for lock camp has mini badges that you can gather by participating in different activities, helping support villages/workshops and possibly over time you should end up with a plethora of mini-badges.

Also in the works is a mini-badge panel so you can hold up to 100 mini-badges. Please keep in mind it’s not intended to be worn the 100-holder is meant to be a wall-hanger to display your collection.

Each year we will have a different challenge to build the most unique, creative project out of the daughter board which is provided along with your badge for attendance, our first year was a fm reciever that was intended to be paired with a fm modulator and a rpi to create a private radio station for the event, and also to be used at future events for which we are invited and possibly hosting a hardware hacking village and or locksport village.

Now for the second year of lock camp, we will have a supply of ATmegaZero’s to be used as daughter boards this year, with an open ended challenge of what can you build out of this device, the prize is yet to be named, and mob rule will be used to find the winner. (prize for the winner is TBA at this time.)

For more information about the ATmegaZero and or for more accessories go to:

Show us what your can build!
a power board hat/shield minus a lipo battery is also a part of the kit.

a small LCD screen is a part of the kit.

A glow-in-the-dark 3d printed case for the builds will also be included in either red, blue, or green .

It is suggested to bring a battery to work with the shield, a micro sd card, and be sure to bring a laptop as well.